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Imagine a world where people are no longer beholden to the cable companies. That time is now a reality with streaming TV (IPTV). You can have your popular channels, high quality digital images and at a fraction of what the cable companies charge for their services. This is possible because TV channel providers are streaming their channels across the internet and bypassing the cable company middle men. More TV channel providers are making their programs available online and even more are coming out with their own streaming only programs. This is a win for everybody except the cable providers.

With our TV box, IPTV subscription and internet connection you get 500+ standard and HD channels plus video on demand. This includes movies, popular TV shows and sports. It's all delivered in a package that's easy to use and pre-installed on our available TV box. Plus, if your internet connection is faster than 3Mbits/second, you can enjoy a full HD experience with 1080p.

When you order our TV box with Kodi, we also include a free month of IPTV. This is part of our dedication to make entertainment easy for you. So, grab a drink, sit back and enjoy your favorite shows.