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H96 Android Box
  • How does the remote that comes with it work?
  • Why does your box cost more and what is the difference?
    There are a ton of boxes on the market but they are all not equal. Most of them say Kodi fully loaded. Translation they have the Kodi app from the Google Play Store installed. Kodi 17 was a game changer. The requirements to load it went up; such as,a beefier processor, a bigger storage, Kodi went from 5.0 Kit Kat to 6.0 Marshmallow. Its like buying a Windows XP computer and trying to put Windows 10 on it, It just wont work. We have taken our technical knowledge and experience to find a Android Box that will support a smooth, enjoyable, streaming experience for our customers.  
  • What internet speed do I need?
    It is recommended to be minimum 10 mpbs down for best results. I started streaming Standard Definition movies with 3 mpbs.
  • My TV is turned all the way up and I still don't have any volume?
    Use the volume up button on the remote.
I8 Keyboard
  • Can I turn off the box from the keyboard?
    Sorry, no this only is for easier navigation.
  • How do I change the colors?
    Hold down the FN+F2 keys to cycle thru the colors.
  • How do I connect this to my box?
    Slide the back off where the battery is and you will see the dongle. Connect that to any usb port on the box.
  • I've connected the USB from the keyboard to the box but still nothing.
    There is a on and off switch on the front. Make sure it is on.
  • All my channels are blank
    If you are using a set-top box such as MAG or AVOV and have just set up your device with our service, you will need to perform a hard reset of your device. Simply power off your device, unplug your power cable and re-plug it in.
    For Kodi, you will need to clear your cache. If unsuccessful, attempt a re-install of Kodi itself.
  • Are subscriptions recurring?
    As of this moment, subscriptions are not recurring. This means we will not automatically charge you. You will have to manually renew your subscription.
  • Audio/Video not synced
    This could be an internet issue due to the high quality streams we offer. You will need sufficient internet in order to watch our 1080p HD streams. By sufficient we mean 5mbp download speed. You can always check your download speed at
  • Can I use multiple devices on one subscription?
    Currently our system only permits 1 connection on each subscription. This means only one device can use our service at a single instance. We are in the process of implementing additional connections to our subscription service.
  • I currently have a android box. Can I add your service?
    It has been my experience that the older MX boxes the processors cause a lag. If your box has at least Android 5.0 there is a great chance it will work. Feel free to email us with you model.
  • I keep getting "Blocked by server message"
    You may need to renew your subscription or your subscription has not been activated yet.
  • Is there a Kodi integration?
    Yes, but I recommend and prefer just loading the STBemulator app and running it outside Kodi. I have found all IPTV providers that run inside of Kodi, that I have tried, seems to make things slow down and buffer regularly.
  • Will this work on Amazon FireStick?
    I don't recommend you buy this. The processor is not fast enough and the storage size is not large enough. Many people have told me the have to get theirs rebuilt often, or what's called as, bootlegged. 
  • Will this work on Roku or my Smart TV?
    Not at this time we do not offer .m3u Files.