Why Us
Our name, "Atomic Media Center" says it all; "WE are the BOMB!"  Our Android box arrives at your home, set up, and ready to use, immediately! 
Atomic Media Center has worked diligently to create a Media Design that fits all types of personalities!  KODI allows you to watch Movies (some still in theaters, or so old they are silent), TV Shows (current,or a blast from the past), Animated, 3D, Kids, Documentaries, Martial Arts, Comedy, Even Adult Content (if you choose), or you can switch over to IPTV, and watch a never ending list of LIVE TV channels that include, Movies, TV Shows, News, Weather, Sports, Documentaries, DIY programs, Programs in your own language, from different Countries.  The list goes on and on!
Imagine yourself on MOVIE night!  You have your popcorn, your drink, your cozy blanket, and a remote full of choices! All in the palm of your hand. Do you want to watch KODI, or do you watch IPTV?  Is it the weekend; do you want to binge watch some TV shows you missed, or would you like to catch up on some Movies that you've heard about from friends?  So much to choose from, and all for a minimal one time cost!!! 
If you order from us, you will receive an Android Media TV Box that includes a Custom Design layout of KODI (free), and IPTV (free for 30 days); IPTV can be renewed monthly for $20 (if you choose), remote, and cables.  Are you ready to CUT THE CORD?  If so, you will have thousands of Media options at your fingertips, for a minimal one time charge!  Think of how much money you are going to save!!!  You can get rid of your high Cable, Dish, Satellite TV bill instantly!!!
Our Android box has the new Amlogic S912 chip for a faster processor speed, to date!  WHY? for a better no buffering streaming experience. The H96 media box comes Android 7.1 and the newly released KODI 17.3! We recommend an internet speed of, at the very least, 10 MBPS (download speed) to optimize your streaming capabilities. 
Why not buy from someone else?  Atomic Media Center does all the work for you!  Our Android box is set up and ready to go for immediate Media streaming!  If you buy this box somewhere else, you will receive a box with KODI (could be the older version 16.1 that cant be upgraded), with minimal add ons (if any).  Mainly, you will have to install add ons yourself, and if you hit the factory reset button; you are in a world of trouble!  Atomic Media Center makes it so easy for you!  We prevent your frustration of opening your new Media box, and having to spend time to create your own build of numerous add ons, and designs of your Media box.  Atomic Media Center does all the work for you, and allows you and your family to enjoy your streams!