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Due to the rise of internet TV streaming, cord cutters are spoiled when it comes to deciding which streaming services will be most suitable their viewing preferences.  With an Android or Kodi TV box, you can enjoy watching live television, movies, and TV shows courtesy of your preferred streaming service.  When choosing a streaming service, use the following as a guide so you get the most out of your streaming experience.
The Best Overall Services
So far, Netflix remains the best streaming service available and it offers unlimited streaming of movies, TV shows, and original content. Hulu comes in second and it provides viewers with a wide selection of current television programming. In third, Amazon Video gives cord cutters another great option for streaming content, especially for those who love online shopping.
Streaming Live TV
A few streaming services offer live television channels in packages similar to those offered by cable companies. Sling TV has a number of live channels that you can stream over the internet and it is a great replacement for cable. Playstation Vue also offers different channel packages and it is especially geared for viewers that enjoy sports.
Is A Kodi TV Box Right For You?
With an Android or Kodi TV box, you can take advantage of free streaming services such as Pluto TV, Crackle, Tubi TV, and NewsON.  NewsON may be used to watch most of the local news channels.  The other services provide viewers with a wide selection of movies, free live channels, and internet videos.  Google has also started YouTube TV which is an app that makes it possible for you to stream YouTube content directly to your television.
Each streaming service has benefits but you should make your choice according to your own personal taste.  Most streaming services are fairly affordable so you can subscribe to multiple providers if you want to have a variety of options and enjoy watching television again.
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With the rise of internet streaming TV, Netflix has become one of the best ways to consume content on television. Gone are the days when you had to go through your TV guide looking for good programs to watch on a fixed schedule.  When accessing Netflix, you just have to log into your account and start streaming the show you want.  If you are new to Netflix, here are three shows that offer a great starting point.
Master Of None
This sitcom is an original Netflix production starring Aziz Ansari that explores dating in the modern post-racial world. Ansari plays the role of Dev Shah, a 30 year old Indian-American living in a cultural melting pot.  Dev has a culturally diverse set of friends with whom he has interactions that are characterized by witty dialog and funny observations.
Produced by Judd Apatow, Love is a sitcom that follows the story of Gus, an awkward on-set teacher who falls in love with Mickey, an attractive radio executive with serious emotional and substance abuse issues.  The two deal with a variety of personal and career issues that often have a negative effect on their relationship.  The work life of Gus and Mickey’s emotional issues make it an interesting show as the two try to make it work.
Orange Is The New Black
This flagship Netflix drama follows the life of Piper (Taylor Schilling), a middle-class white woman who tries to survive as an inmate in a women’s prison.  Piper plays the main character in the overarching storyline but the show focuses on experiences of different characters in each episode and tries to connect what their life was like before and after incarceration.  With internet streaming TV, you can enjoy these three shows and hundreds of others on Netflix. Whether you’re a fan of sitcoms, drama, reality TV, or old TV shows, Netflix surely has a program for you!
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YouTube TV is relatively new to the market of internet streaming TV, but it is a great alternative to cable or satellite TV as it gives you more control over the content you want to watch.  This is a streaming service from Google that offers popular networks which include news, sports, and live TV.  If you want another alternative for watching television as a family, YouTube TV may be just the service that delivers an experience you have been waiting for all along.
Available Channels
Aside from other channels, YouTube TV has acquired the rights to carry all the top broadcast networks in the country. That means users of the internet streaming TV service can watch familiar networks such as NBC, CBS, Fox, and ABC. YouTube TV also carries the following networks, Fox News, MSNBC, and ESPN which give subscribers the option to watch live programs.
This streaming service is still growing and new channels are continuously being added to subscription packages to ensure viewers have a variety of channels to choose from.  Recently, AMC was added to the list of channels offered by YouTube TV and it also carries sports news channels such as the CBS Sports Network, numerous Fox sports channels, and more than 4 ESPN channels. This is where an Android TV Box comes in to make streaming fun and easy.
Early Limitations
YouTube TV is a promising option for cord cutters but keep in mind the service is still in the beginning stages.  As a subscriber, you can currently enjoy news and a variety of other content depending upon your location.  At this time, popular news networks such as CNN and Time Warner are not carried by YouTube TV.  However, if the reputation of the parent company is any indication of what the future holds, YouTube TV is likely to expand rapidly in 2017 and possibly end up dominating the market.
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Internet service providers are coming up with data caps and this raises issues for those who prefer internet streaming over cable TV for viewing television.  Many people have been cutting the cable in favor of the Android TV box and other streaming devices that utilize an internet connection.  The new data caps place a limit on the number of hours you may spend streaming content using your monthly allocated data package.  What do you need to know about data caps to stream content without going over?
How They Might Affect You
Most providers are placing their monthly data cap at 1TB.  For the average household, this data package should be more than enough.  One possibility is to calculate how many hours of television you can stream depending on video quality.  The highest video quality consumes a little over 2 GB of data an hour while a low-quality video stream uses between 350 MB and 400 MB of data.
Households with additional people and devices are more likely to be affected by the data cap.  If you have family members that frequently use multiple streaming devices, then you should be concerned about data caps.  All viewers need to take into consideration their tendency to stream content when choosing an internet package from a provider. How will you deal with a data cap?
Sacrifice Usage Or Quality
In order to avoid being affected, necessary steps must be taken to control your usage or budget for supplemental data. Through the Android TV box, the amount of data used can be reduced by choosing medium to low quality options.  A significant amount can be saved if you sacrifice on the quality of video.

If compromising on video quality is not an option for you, then additional data may need to be added once the cap is reached or subscribe to a data package with a higher cap.  With internet streaming, always research which plan offers the best value for your money so you stay under the data cap.
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Times have definitely changed since the internet was first available to the public in the early 1990’s, but nobody likely predicted that cable television would fade out due to the rise of the internet.  As devices increase in speed and reliability, the average consumer has been given easier and less expensive access to more sophisticated forms of media.
If the trend among young consumers continues, watching video over the internet will surely become the favorite default to replace cable television.  How much do individuals aged 13 - 24 use internet streaming TV to view the content they prefer?
Quality Entertainment Is Priority
According to one study, the numbers indicate that while cable has not been replaced by internet streaming TV, it is slowly headed in that direction.  Viewers between the ages of 13 and 24 get a weekly average viewing time of 12 hours on YouTube and about 9 hours of subscription based options such as Netflix.
Additionally, 40% of young viewers stated they prefer digital media due to lower cost while 24% stated they prefer it due to the entertainment value it provides.  The lower cost would absolutely be sufficient justification for relying solely on internet streaming TV and opting out of a cable package.  Most households have internet service already so it makes sense to opt for entertainment using the internet instead of paying for cable service.  What other statistic signifies that younger viewers are inclined to stream media?
Commercial Duration
In most cases, streaming media involves little cost if an internet connection is in place but ads are still used as a means of generating revenue for the service.  One survey shows that 58% of young viewers have no problem watching ads and 53% indicated one minute commercials were tolerable.  Either way, the future looks bright for streaming media as a variety of options already exist that offer viewers of any age a higher level of entertainment.
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Many people have cable TV and it serves a basic purpose to those who watch it that are unaware of the different shows offered through streaming.  However, there are a variety of compelling shows not available through cable.  Services like Netflix and Amazon Prime are increasing in popularity because they offer a TV series that are not found anywhere else. What shows will Kodi streaming TV give you access to?
The Best Shows Available
Viewers have different preferences, but there is likely a show online to catch your interest.  If you are interested in politics or thrillers, then the show House of Cards will probably suit you the best.  House of Cards seemingly came from nowhere on Netflix with the entire first season being released at once.  With all of the twists and turns, this unique show is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat with each episode.
The next show, Orange Is the New Black, is also on Netflix and offers viewers just the right mixture of comedy and drama.  Orange Is the New Black is a popular hit with viewers around the world as it follows the journey of “Piper” and fellow inmates as they go about their daily life in prison.  Orange Is the New Black and House of Cards have both received Golden Globe nominations, but Netflix isn’t the only streaming service offering quality entertainment.
Expand Your Options
Other popular shows are offered through Hulu and Amazon Prime that tend to captivate a viewers’ attention.  Internet TV has opened up a lot of doors for people wanting to watch shows as soon as they are released.  With Kodi streaming TV, it means you can take advantage by viewing the most recent up and coming shows in entertainment.  Although cable is still around, the day is closer that it will be gone in favor of a custom experience where shows are selected from streaming services.
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The rising cost of cable television and a growing number of streaming options has led viewers to cutting the cord. Cord cutting can be described as the practice of terminating cable television in favor of more economical substitutes like internet streaming TV. This consists of streaming services that includes live television and videos from the internet which are made accessible via interconnected devices.
The ultimate goal of cutting the cord is to get a more consistent stream of enjoyable entertainment than previously offered via cable while saving some money. What should you know before cancelling your cable package to get the most from internet streaming TV?
Viewer Expectations
Since 2013, more people have been cutting the cord on cable than those who join.  For some viewers, they are tired of paying for an overpriced cable package that eventually leads them to watching their favorite video or TV show via their laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Internet streaming TV delivers a wide variety of preferred videos directly to your television via an internet connection.
A wealth of content on the internet has developed into actual mainstream programming where you get to stream award winning shows through Netflix and other streaming services. According to a survey, 50% of Americans are subscribed to at least one streaming service and streaming options are only expected to expand in 2017. In most cases, viewers that make the switch from cable television can expect to cut their monthly bill in half.
Enjoy Binge Watching
One advantage to streaming media is having the ability to continuously watch the same series or TV show from start to finish.  An estimated 73% of viewers binge watch a series or show which is easier with streaming services. The decision to end traditional cable is an easy choice once you realize what is offered by streaming best suits your viewing needs.
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The packages offered by cable providers have long been the choice of many Americans for watching television.  In the last few years, technology has created a decline in the number of viewers who choose a cable package as the online streaming trend is taking over.  
Each year, more people use their smartphone to stream video and view other forms of media.  An Android TV box puts the consumer in control of their viewing experience from home as they choose what channel or movie they want to watch.
Enjoy Your Streaming Experience
Often, cable providers limit your viewing experience with their packages and they are well-known for raising the price after the promotional period.  Online streaming is different as there are thousands of options to choose from on YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Spotify.  The price is also significantly lower than cable on average and consistent every month.  What other advantages can you expect with streaming compared to cable?
Reports show that over 80% of consumers use their smartphone for watching a video or program.  A high rate of use indicates cable providers that offer traditional packages are noticing a shift in fewer views.  As a result, networks on the cable platform offer some shows that are only available with streaming on-demand.  CBS and NBC have already done this and it’s just a matter of time before other networks do the same.
Customized Entertainment
The future of TV has drastically changed as a variety of options are ready to enjoy if you get an Android TV box and stream your content.  From movies to TV shows, users get an extensive range of quality entertainment that has recently been released or select a childhood favorite.  Studies indicate online streaming is becoming the preferred way to watch TV as people desire a customized viewing experience without interruptions.