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Your Movies, Music, TV Shows And Photos Wherever You Go. Now With Android 6.0.

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Immerse yourself in a multimedia experience with our TV box featuring Andriod 6.0 and Kodi. You can connect your own media storage devices or stream live TV and movies. Unlike Apple TV, Firestick and Roku, our TV box features a powerful processor and an open community of apps which does not limit which services you can enjoy. Our team at Atomic Media Center also sets up these boxes to have the latest versions and most popular add-ons pre-installed. A perfect solution for people who are not tech savvy. This helps you get your Android TV box up and running as soon as it arrives.

Smart playlists and a variety of supported music formats is where your Android TV box will shine. Your music collection will never look better.
Android TV Box Music
Android TV Box Movies
Both old and new release movies are at your fingertips. You can import, browse and stream movies from your collection and online services.
TV Shows
Catch up on the latest episode or binge watch an entire season. It's up to you and your Android TV box gives you the flexibility. Your library will include series images along with descriptions and tags to keep your library organized.
Android TV Box TV Shows
Android TV Box Photos
Add photos of your best moments and display them on your TV. You can even control the order and choose which photos are shown. This puts you in control.
Video Recording
A home theater wouldn't be complete without watching recorded or live TV. Our Android TV box works with a number of popular services including MediaPortal, MythTV, NextPVR, Tvheadend and many more.
Android TV Box PVR
Android TV Box Skins
Custom Skins
Even the look of your TV box is customizable. We created our own custom skin which is already added to your Android TV box. You can easily change the look from my skins already available.
The most powerful feature isn't the 4K HD images. You have the power and flexibility to install add-ons which are just apps for your phone. Your TV Box allows you to install the add-ons you choose and the software will automatically keep them organized.
Android TV Box Add Ons