What Streaming Means For Watching TV In The Future
Posted on May 8, 2017 8:43 AM by Atomic Media
Categories: Streaming TV
The packages offered by cable providers have long been the choice of many Americans for watching television.  In the last few years, technology has created a decline in the number of viewers who choose a cable package as the online streaming trend is taking over.  
Each year, more people use their smartphone to stream video and view other forms of media.  An Android TV box puts the consumer in control of their viewing experience from home as they choose what channel or movie they want to watch.
Enjoy Your Streaming Experience
Often, cable providers limit your viewing experience with their packages and they are well-known for raising the price after the promotional period.  Online streaming is different as there are thousands of options to choose from on YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Spotify.  The price is also significantly lower than cable on average and consistent every month.  What other advantages can you expect with streaming compared to cable?
Reports show that over 80% of consumers use their smartphone for watching a video or program.  A high rate of use indicates cable providers that offer traditional packages are noticing a shift in fewer views.  As a result, networks on the cable platform offer some shows that are only available with streaming on-demand.  CBS and NBC have already done this and it’s just a matter of time before other networks do the same.
Customized Entertainment
The future of TV has drastically changed as a variety of options are ready to enjoy if you get an Android TV box and stream your content.  From movies to TV shows, users get an extensive range of quality entertainment that has recently been released or select a childhood favorite.  Studies indicate online streaming is becoming the preferred way to watch TV as people desire a customized viewing experience without interruptions.