Statistics That Indicate What Younger Viewers Prefer
Posted on May 27, 2017 4:10 PM by Atomic Media
Categories: Streaming TV
Times have definitely changed since the internet was first available to the public in the early 1990’s, but nobody likely predicted that cable television would fade out due to the rise of the internet.  As devices increase in speed and reliability, the average consumer has been given easier and less expensive access to more sophisticated forms of media.
If the trend among young consumers continues, watching video over the internet will surely become the favorite default to replace cable television.  How much do individuals aged 13 - 24 use internet streaming TV to view the content they prefer?
Quality Entertainment Is Priority
According to one study, the numbers indicate that while cable has not been replaced by internet streaming TV, it is slowly headed in that direction.  Viewers between the ages of 13 and 24 get a weekly average viewing time of 12 hours on YouTube and about 9 hours of subscription based options such as Netflix.
Additionally, 40% of young viewers stated they prefer digital media due to lower cost while 24% stated they prefer it due to the entertainment value it provides.  The lower cost would absolutely be sufficient justification for relying solely on internet streaming TV and opting out of a cable package.  Most households have internet service already so it makes sense to opt for entertainment using the internet instead of paying for cable service.  What other statistic signifies that younger viewers are inclined to stream media?
Commercial Duration
In most cases, streaming media involves little cost if an internet connection is in place but ads are still used as a means of generating revenue for the service.  One survey shows that 58% of young viewers have no problem watching ads and 53% indicated one minute commercials were tolerable.  Either way, the future looks bright for streaming media as a variety of options already exist that offer viewers of any age a higher level of entertainment.