New Channels On YouTube TV To Watch As A Family
Posted on June 20, 2017 9:22 AM by Atomic Media
Categories: Streaming TV
YouTube TV is relatively new to the market of internet streaming TV, but it is a great alternative to cable or satellite TV as it gives you more control over the content you want to watch.  This is a streaming service from Google that offers popular networks which include news, sports, and live TV.  If you want another alternative for watching television as a family, YouTube TV may be just the service that delivers an experience you have been waiting for all along.
Available Channels
Aside from other channels, YouTube TV has acquired the rights to carry all the top broadcast networks in the country. That means users of the internet streaming TV service can watch familiar networks such as NBC, CBS, Fox, and ABC. YouTube TV also carries the following networks, Fox News, MSNBC, and ESPN which give subscribers the option to watch live programs.
This streaming service is still growing and new channels are continuously being added to subscription packages to ensure viewers have a variety of channels to choose from.  Recently, AMC was added to the list of channels offered by YouTube TV and it also carries sports news channels such as the CBS Sports Network, numerous Fox sports channels, and more than 4 ESPN channels. This is where an Android TV Box comes in to make streaming fun and easy.
Early Limitations
YouTube TV is a promising option for cord cutters but keep in mind the service is still in the beginning stages.  As a subscriber, you can currently enjoy news and a variety of other content depending upon your location.  At this time, popular news networks such as CNN and Time Warner are not carried by YouTube TV.  However, if the reputation of the parent company is any indication of what the future holds, YouTube TV is likely to expand rapidly in 2017 and possibly end up dominating the market.