Cut The Cord & Enjoy Internet Streaming TV In 2017
Posted on May 16, 2017 8:26 AM by Atomic Media
Categories: Streaming TV
The rising cost of cable television and a growing number of streaming options has led viewers to cutting the cord. Cord cutting can be described as the practice of terminating cable television in favor of more economical substitutes like internet streaming TV. This consists of streaming services that includes live television and videos from the internet which are made accessible via interconnected devices.
The ultimate goal of cutting the cord is to get a more consistent stream of enjoyable entertainment than previously offered via cable while saving some money. What should you know before cancelling your cable package to get the most from internet streaming TV?
Viewer Expectations
Since 2013, more people have been cutting the cord on cable than those who join.  For some viewers, they are tired of paying for an overpriced cable package that eventually leads them to watching their favorite video or TV show via their laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Internet streaming TV delivers a wide variety of preferred videos directly to your television via an internet connection.
A wealth of content on the internet has developed into actual mainstream programming where you get to stream award winning shows through Netflix and other streaming services. According to a survey, 50% of Americans are subscribed to at least one streaming service and streaming options are only expected to expand in 2017. In most cases, viewers that make the switch from cable television can expect to cut their monthly bill in half.
Enjoy Binge Watching
One advantage to streaming media is having the ability to continuously watch the same series or TV show from start to finish.  An estimated 73% of viewers binge watch a series or show which is easier with streaming services. The decision to end traditional cable is an easy choice once you realize what is offered by streaming best suits your viewing needs.